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About Us
Qingdao Free Trade Zone Arena International Trade Co., Ltd be conveniently located in the national free trade zone—Qingdao Free Trade Zone, is a comprehensive export and import company in China. After years of hard work and efforts, in the import and export business, the company has formed a complete trading system. Regarding the importing, the main commodities are cotton, rubber, polyethylene, copper, coal, paper pulp etc. Cotton, includes high-quality U.S. cotton, Indian cotton, Australia and domestic Xinjiang cotton, mainly supplies the large-scale textile, dyeing and garment manufacturers in China. Rubber, from Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Russia and other countries, is imported more than 10,000 tons every year. Taking use of preferential policies of Free Trade Zone and convenient port location, our company develops the entrepot trades and trades in Free Trade Zone. In addition, polyethylene, copper, coal, pulp and other commodities also began to import in lot. Our imported domestic sale business: Except for the superior location, the policy “permit exemption, tax exemption, tax bonded” of Qingdao Free Trade Zone, our company has strong financial strength and warehousing capacity, and keeps good relationship with financial enterprises. Qingdao Tigers International Logistics Co., Ltd is the branch of our company, which possesses almost 20,000 square meters bonded warehouse and tens of thousands of outside storage, has many products’ automatic import license, keeps close cooperation with our down-stream enterprises. With such advantages, our company gets great development in import business, and has a stable import quantity. We regard woodworking machine,hardware tools and rubber products as our main exportation projects, and have already established business relations with countries in Southeast Asia, such as Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Cambodia. And Japan, Korea in East Asia. Furthermore, We also built trade cooperation with some middle east countries—Iran and UAE., and some western countries— U.S.A. and France, So far, upon high starting point, we are aiming at high grade level, yet, has established the diverse business, including import and export trading. Till now, the company has grown up as a professional international trade company, depicting a colorful picture of business in the world. Our company possesses professional import & export employees and manages. We scrupulously abide by the company philosophy of “integrity, honesty, achieve win-win, focus and become expert.” We sincerely look forward to working with you, and also hope to score brilliant achievements with all our Chinese and oversea partners.
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